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ブラウズ : 著者 Kwong, Oi Yee

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008A Preliminary Study on the Impact of Lexical Concreteness on Word Senses DisambiguationKwong, Oi Yee
2003A Synchronous Corpus-Based Study of Verb-Noun Fluidity in ChineseKwong, Oi Yee; Tsou, Benjamin K.
2011Annotating the Structure and Semantics of FablesKwong, Oi Yee
2011English-Chinese Name Transliteration with Bi-Directional Syllable-Based Maximum MatchingKwong, Oi Yee
2013Exploring the Chinese Mental Lexicon with Word Association NormsKwong, Oi Yee
2001Forming an Integrated Lexical Resource for Word Sense DisambiguationKwong, Oi Yee
2011Measuring Concept Concreteness from the Lexicographic PerspectiveKwong, Oi Yee
2012Psycholinguistics, Lexicography, and Word Sense DisambiguationKwong, Oi Yee
2002Toward a Bilingual Legal Term Glossary from Context ProfilesKwong, Oi Yee
検索結果表示: 1 - 9 / 9


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