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ブラウズ : 著者 Ikeya, Akira

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1月-1991A Contextual Approach to Japanese Adjectives池谷, 彰; Ikeya, Akira
2002Implicit Adjuncts : The Cases of Degree Modifiers in Japanese and English池谷, 彰; 井川, 寿子; Ikeya, Akira; Ikawa, Hisako
1985Japanese Honorific Systems in Generalized Phrase Structure Grammar Framework池谷, 彰; Ikeya, Akira
12月-1982Japanese Implicative Adverbs in an Extended Karttunen-Peters' Framework池谷, 彰; Ikeya, Akira
2001Japanese Negative Polarity Items and Negative Concord川森, 雅仁; 池谷, 彰; Kawamori, Masahito; Ikeya, Akira
1993Japanese Tough Constructions in HPSG Framework池谷, 彰; Ikeya, Akira
1995Predicate-Argument Structure of English Adjectives池谷, 彰; Ikeya, Akira
1996The Semantic Structure of Japanese Adjectives with -tai Derivational Suffix池谷, 彰; Ikeya, Akira
1998The Two Kinds of Japanese Negative Nai in Terms of Their NPI Licensing Conditions池谷, 彰; 川森, 雅仁; Ikeya, Akira; Kawamori, Masahito
検索結果表示: 1 - 9 / 9


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