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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A Corpus-Based Quantitative Study of Nominalizations across Chinese and British Media EnglishLiu, Ying; Fang, Alex Chengyu; Wei, Naixing
2009Adjective Density as a Text Formality Characteristic for Automatic Text Classification: A Study Based on the British National CorpusFang, Alex Chengyu; Cao, Jing
1995Automated Alignment in Multilingual CorporaCampbell, J.A.; Fang, Alex Chengyu
2011Enhanced Genre Classification through Linguistically Fine-Grained POS TagsFang, Alex Chengyu; Cao, Jing
2011eSpaceML: An Event-Driven Spatial Annotation FrameworkLee, Kiyong; Webster, Jonathan; Fang, Alex Chengyu
2011How Well Conditional Random Fields Can be Used in Novel Term RecognitionZhang, Xing; Song, Yan; Fang, Alex Chengyu
1996Improving Automated Alignment in Multilingual CorporaCampbell, J.A.; Chatterjee, N.; Manela, M.; Fang, Alex Chengyu
2009Latin Etymologies as Features on BNC Text CategorizationFang, Alex Chengyu; Li, Wanyin; Ide, Nancy
2011Unsupervised Classification of Biomedical Abstracts using Lexical AssociationRead, Jonathon; Webster, Jonathan; Fang, Alex Chengyu
検索結果表示: 1 - 9 / 9


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