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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jul-2013A Fashion Recommendation System Based on The Wisdom of CrowdsNakajima, Tatsuo; Chen, Han; 陳, 涵
2002A Framework for Connecting Home Computing Middleware.Tokunaga, Eiji; Ishikawa, Hiro; Kurahashi, Makoto; Morimoto, Yasunobu; Nakajima, Tatsuo
2004A Middleware Infrustracture for Building Mixed Reality Applications in Ubiquitous Computing Environments.Tokunaga, Eiji; Van Der Zee, Andrej; Kurahashi, Makoto; Nemoto, Masahiro; Nakajima, Tatsuo
2003A New Architecture for Home Computing.Matsuura, Kyoko; Hara, Tadahiro; Watanabe, Akashi; Nakajima, Tatsuo
2004A Presence Service Architecture for Supporting Spontaneous Interaction.Nakajima, Tatsuo
2006A Software Infrastructure for Wearable Sensor Networks.Hanaoka, Kensuke; Takagi, Ayako; Nakajima, Tatsuo
2002A Virtual Overlay Network for Integrating Home Appliance.Nakajima, Tatsuo; Ueno, Daiki; Tokunaga, Eiji; Ishikawa, Hiro; Sato, Ichiro
2006Accounting System: A Fine-Grained CPU Resource Protection Mechanism for Embedded System.Sugaya, Midori; Oikawa, Shuichi; Nakajima, Tatsuo
1-Feb-2013Amigo: Prevention through Multiple Composite ScenariosNakajima, Tatsuo; Francisco, Ivan Lepe Salazar; フランシスコ, レペ
2005An Input Widget Framework for Multi-Modal and Multi-Device EnvironmentsKobayashi, Nobuyuki; Tokunaga, Eiji; Kimura, Hiroaki; Hirakawa, Yasufumi; Ayabe, Masaaki; Nakajima, Tatsuo
2004Building Smart Appliance Integration Middleware on the OSGi Framework.Ishikawa, Hiroo; Ogata, Yuuki; Adachi, Kazuto; Nakajima, Tatsuo
2005Citron: A Context Information Acquisition Framework for Personal Devices.Yamabe, Tetsuo; Takagi, Ayako; Nakajima, Tatsuo
2002Connecting Object-Oriented Middleware for Home Computing with Virtual Overlay Networks.Ueno, Daiki; Tokunaga, Eiji; Ishikawa, Hiro; Nakajima, Tatsuo; Sato, Ichiro
2005Design and Implementation of a Software infrastructure for Integrating Sentient Artefact.Kawsar, Fahim; Fujinami, Kaori; Nakajima, Tatsuo
2005EarlGray: A Component-Based Java Virtual Machine for embedded Systems.Ishikawa, Hiroo; Nakajima, Tatsuo
2004Experiences with Building Distributed Middleware for Home Computing on Commodity SoftwareNakajima, Tatsuo; Oikawa, Shuichi; Ishikawa, Hiro; Iwasaki, Kunitoshi; Sugaya, Midori
2004Experiences with Building Sentient Materials Using Various Sensors.Yamabe, Tetsuo; Fujinami, Kaori; Nakajima, Tatsuo
2004Human Factor Issues in Building Middleware for Pervasive Computing.Nakajima, Tatsuo; Tokunaga, Eiji; Ishikawa, Hiroo; Fujinami, Kaori; Oikawa, Shuichi
2003Implication of Embedded Linux in Japanese Embedded Industries.Nakajima, Tatsuo
1-Feb-2013Maximize the throughput of Linux system by using user-oriented Scratch-pad MemoryNakajima, Tatsuo; Tao, Rui; 陶, 鋭
Showing results 1 to 20 of 36
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