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早稲田大学リポジトリ(DSpace@Waseda University)は、本学の研究者等が作成した学術論文、学位論文、紀要論文、ワーキングペーパー、会議録等の電子的な学術情報を保存・公開する学術機関リポジトリです






Faculty (学術院等)

Faculty of Political Science and Economics (政治経済学術院) [880]
Faculty of Law (法学学術院) [2713]
Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences (文学学術院) [5520]
Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences (教育・総合科学学術院) [1389]
Faculty of Commerce (商学学術院) [3441]
Faculty of Science and Engineering (理工学術院) [4290]
Faculty of Social Sciences (社会科学総合学術院) [1754]
Faculty of Human Sciences (人間科学学術院) [2269]
Faculty of Faculty of Sport Sciences (スポーツ科学学術院) [467]
Faculty of International Research and Education (国際学術院) [1561]

Research and Affiliated Institute (附属機関等)

Center for Japanese Language (日本語教育研究センター) [1256]
Media Network Center (メディアネットワークセンター)1996-2013 [26]
Institute of Language Teaching (語学教育研究所) 1962-2004 [246]
Institute for Advanced Study (高等研究所) [140]
The Hirayama Ikuo Volunteer Center (平山郁夫記念ボランティアセンター) [11]
The Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum (坪内博士記念演劇博物館) [96]
Waseda University Archives (大学史資料センター) [81]
Research Council (研究院) [341]
Waseda University Senior High School(早稲田大学高等学院) [20]
Waseda University Honjo Senior High School (早稲田大学本庄高等学院) [9]

Project (プロジェクト等)

21COE (2002-2007) -- Productive ICT Academia Program (プロダクティブICTアカデミアプログラム) [114]
21COE (2002-2007) -- Contemporary Asian Studies (現代アジア学の創生) [47]
21COE -- Corporation Law and Society (企業社会の変容と法システムの創造) [187]
21COE (2002-2007) -- Development of Research and Study Methodologies in Theatre (演劇の総合的研究と演劇学の確立) [204]
21COE -- Constructing Open Political Economic Systems (GLOPE) (開かれた政治経済制度の構築) [53]
Global COE (2007-2012) -- Global Institute for Asian Regional Integration (アジア地域統合のための世界的人材育成拠点) [25]

Academic Society (学会等)

早稲田大学日本語学会 [154]
The Chinese Classical Literary Society (中国詩文研究会) [234]
Japan Society for International Development (国際開発学会) [12]
Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation (PACLIC) [1210]
The Waseda Graduate Student's Association for Sociological Research (大学院社会学院生研究会) [24]

Library (図書館)

Library (図書館) [5643]


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